About Me

Hi! I am Carissa! I love helping adults work through the uncertainty of life and self-doubt to start enjoying a life that is pretty awesome.

I work with professionals, hobbyists, and athletes living the rural life create a healthy balance between work, family, and fun. I work with adults eager to know more about why their brain does what it does when they are struggling with anxiety and depression and how to use the same information to rewire their brains. I work with the professional parent trying to keep everything together when they feel like they are falling apart inside.

My Approach

I thrive when sessions are collaborative and connected, rather than cold and clinical. My approach is to create a partnership with you, where we’ll work together to identify your needs and make progress toward the goals that you set for yourself.

My practice is inclusive, anti-oppressive, anti-racist, and affirming of all identities. In my work, I honor the autonomy and integrity of the people coming to me for help.

When we work together, I will:

  • Give you the tools you need to withstand the difficult emotions that come up when setting boundaries with others and yourself
  • Teach you how to break big problems down into smaller, achievable steps
  • Provide you with space to talk about barriers to your success, and work with you to find ways to overcome those barriers
  • Help you come to a deeper understanding of who you are and where you’re going in your life

My Story

As a human, I am an active wife and mom of three.  My husband and I own and operate a small farm that is dedicated to preserving the Heritage Walking Horse breed while teaching our children the way of life both my husband and I grew up with.  For me, spending time outside is not just with my horses, but it is with my gardens, practicing QDM and forestry stewardship, and watching the joy the outdoors brings to my children.  When I am not living the life outside, I am inside squashing the stigma of mental health with my blog, That Darn Amygdala

As someone who weathers the storms of anxiety, depression, burnout, and ADHD on a daily basis, I respect the step you’re taking to create a better life for yourself. You don’t have to keep feeling stressed, and you don’t have to go through this journey alone.   When we work together, we will create a partnership that places you as the captain of your treatment.  If you need time to work through some of life’s curveballs, that is fine.  You want to learn about specific skills to use during an anxiety attack, you got it.  Need a safe place to share your frustrations, I am here.

Credentials, Education, and Training

Treatment Modalities

I use a blend of modalities & interventions that will help you:

– Process your life stories and integrate them into who you are now
– Understand how your thoughts impact the way you act and feel
– Learn how to set boundaries in your life that help you flourish
– Expand your view of self to see the full spectrum of who you are outside of your circumstances
– Identify how your mental health and emotions show up in your physical body
– Create toolbox of coping skills to help you move from just surviving in life to thriving

Specific treatment modalities I use in treatment sessions include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), mindfulness, and narrative therapies.