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Providing Mental Health Services to the Residents of Wisconsin

Welcome to The Joyful Mind

Let’s be real. As a human, you are badass. 

Your experience, education, knowledge, and passion are seen in everything you do from taking care of your family to showing up at work every day.  You are the go-to person that has the answers, and you like that feeling.

But something feels off.

It feels exhausting, lonely, and like the never-ending job of life is harder each day. You try to keep pushing forward, but your feelings are getting harder to deny and hide. You are tired. You are nervous about what is to come. You are scared for your way of life.

Seriously. Something has to give.

You know deep down that life doesn’t have to feel this way. Yet taking that first step has been hard…until now.

About Me

My name is Carissa Weber. I am an outdoor enthusiast dedicated to helping others return to enjoying their own lives.

As a therapist, I use a blend of treatment modalities, neuroscience, and sarcasm to help clients build on their strengths to rediscover who they are. When we work together, you will have a safe place to share your experience in a judgment-free zone. Rather than “jump to conclusions” and make uncomfortable treatment recommendations to you after the first session, I will take time to get to know who you are, understand what you are facing, and help you explore ways to relieve your anxiety, depression, and self-doubt. I’ve worked to create the kind of non-judgmental therapy space where I’d want to find myself as a client—where one can ugly cry & make dark-humored jokes within the same session. 

I specialize in helping adults with:

The mental health needs of people playing multiple roles

The impact of the uncontrollable variables in life can seep into more than just our professional lives. Get back to feeling in control of the one thing in life you can control: you. Learn skills to help you manage your anxiety and depression symptoms so you can reconnect with your passion.

Overcoming the pain of self-doubt and perfectionistic behavior

Even if things look awesome on the outside, it doesn’t mean it represents what we are feeling on the inside. That feeling on the inside can lead us to behaviors like avoidance, overworking, as well as conflict in relationships. By allowing yourself to bring attention to what has created the doubt helps you gain direction in what you need to do next.